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The New Brunswick College of Pharmacists has a duty to uphold and protect the public interest in the practice of pharmacy.

Wholesalers must register with the College (this applies to wholesalers whether their business is located in New Brunswick or not) and only distribute limited access drugs to pharmacies registered with the College in New Brunswick.  Limited access drugs pose enough potential risk to the public that they require either a prescription, professional intervention or supervision from a pharmacist at point of sale. Wholesalers must maintain registration, renew annually, and notify the College of any changes to contact information. 

Wholesaler Registration

Pharmacies in New Brunswick must only be purchase limited access drugs from wholesalers that are registered with the College.  [Regulation 15.4]

List of registered wholesalers

Wholesaler Corporation Name Change





As written in the New Brunswick Pharmacy Act, 2014,  Section 5(1)h, it is the duty of the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists to uphold and protect the public interest in the practice of pharmacy. The New Brunswick Pharmacy Act, 2014 and its Regulations are the basis for governing the practice of pharmacy in New Brunswick.

The NB College of Pharmacists issues certificates authorizing the operation of a pharmacy in New Brunswick. The Certificate of Operation is issued in the name of a pharmacist who is designated to have authority over and be responsible for the operation of the pharmacy. The registrant is referred to as the Pharmacy Manager and responsibilities are outlined in the Regulations (begin with Section 20, Responsibilities & Delegation).

Information relating to the registration of pharmacies in New Brunswick is outlined in Section 13 of the Regulations.

Pharmacy Standards of Operation are found in Section 14 of the Regulations.


Practice Directives

Pharmacy Alert System

New Pharmacy

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