Pharmacy Closing Notification

Must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the closure

The closure of a pharmacy shall adhere to the requirements illustrated in sections 14.12, 14.13 and 14.14 of the Regulations of the NB College of Pharmacists.  


New Brunswick Pharmacy Regulation stipulates: “Every person who closes a pharmacy with the intention of discontinuing the operation thereof shall ensure :”

  • NBCP has been notified of the closure (30 days prior to the pharmacy closing where possible)
  • Client records have been preserved as required by law
  • Client records have been copied to clients if requested
  • Arrangements have been made to transfer prescription files to another pharmacy
  • Orderly continuation of client care has been arranged
  • Clients have been notified of arrangements for record retention, file transfer and accessibility
  • Arrangements have been made with software vendor to freeze records to prevent changes
  • The Certificate of Operation has been returned to NBCP for cancellation
  • Signs, symbols and advertising relating to pharmacy have been removed from the premises
  • All drugs have been removed and disposed of according to law

The Pharmacy Manager of the closing pharmacy is responsible for the storage and security of the records for the required period of time (as defined in the Regulations) unless the records are transferred to another person who agrees to assume responsibility for the records. The Pharmacy Manager of the closing pharmacy must notify NBCP of this transfer.

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