Application for technical permit to administer injections (Technical Permit)

You must receive your Technical Permit to Administer Injections from the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists (the College) before administering injections to patients.

Prior to completing this application, you must:

  • Read and understand:

Policy: Administration of Injections

  • Have electronic version of the following ready to upload:
  1. Certificate of Completion of Stage II CCCEP accredited training program for Pharmacy Technicians


  1. If you are transferring your permit from another Canadian jurisdiction: Have requested supporting documentation from other Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities sent directly to the College.


Only registrants currently on the Pharmacy Technician: Active Direct Client Care register are eligible for a Technical Permit.

  • All training programs must hold Stage II CCCEP accreditation. (immunization courses – CCCEP)
  • Application for a Technical Permit must be made to the College within one year of successful completion of the training program. If you completed a training program more than one year ago, please review section 4.3 of the Policy: Administration of Injections regarding retraining.
  • Technical Permits from other Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (PRA) are transferable to New Brunswick upon:
    • The College receiving supporting documentation (Letter of Standing indicating permission to administer injections) and:
    • Attestation of current competency through regular and ongoing use of the knowledge and skills requisite for the administration of injections and
    • All other requirements for application being met.

Note: Continuing competency in administering injections

  • Pharmacy professionals are responsible for periodically assessing their ability to perform competently when engaging in any aspect of the practice of pharmacy, including administration of injections. Pharmacy Technicians who have not administered injections for a period of three years must notify the College to have their Technical Permit revoked.
  • Pharmacy Technicians may reapply for a Technical Permit to Administer Injections by successfully completing an accredited training program recognized by the College on administration of injections by IM and SC routes.
  • Pharmacy Technicians must maintain their online profile with the College relating to Technical Permits.

Click on the following [link] to login to your NBCP profile and access the application form.

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