Resources for Pharmacy Professionals

NBCP Guidance
- NBCP Guidance:  COVID-19 & Provision of methadone and other substances (March 20)
- NBCP Guidance:  COVID-19 & Administration of injections  (March 21)
- NBCP Guidance: Dispensing appropriately (antimalarials, etc.) (March 23)
- COVID-19 Message from the Registrar: If staff get sick & business continuity (Updated April 2) 

- NBCP & NBPA Message:  Direction for pharmacies if staff get sick (April 1)

NB Department of Health Guidance
- Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Community Pharmacies (March 31)
- NB Department of Health Guidance for Community Pharmacies  (March 18)
- NB Drug Plans Special Bulletins ( NB Drug Plan website)
--- March 25  Special Authorization Extensions and controlled substances
--- March 25  Co-payment support
--- March 27  In person medical testing
- COVID-19 testing symptomatic Health Care workers and staff  (1-833-475-0724)

- A Pharmacist’s Guide to Pandemic Preparedness ( Ontario Pharmacists Association)
- Psychosocial Support for Health Professionals ( British Columbia)
- Guidelines for protecting the front line (Canadian Pharmacists Association)
- NBPA messsage:  Suggested resources for pharmacies - physical distancing and supply vendors (March 27)

- 30-day supply of medication
- Pharmacy cleaning guidelines
- Do not enter pharmacy if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19

Health Canada
- Exemptions for prescriptions of controlled substances under the Controlled Drugs and
Substances Act (CDSA) and its Regulations.

- Requirements for Chain of Signatures in Light of COVID-19

- No scientific evidence that ibuprofen worsens COVID-19 symptoms

- Health Canada Application and Notification Form for Exceptional Release of
Disinfectant and Sanitizing Products

Emergency Registration and Licensure ( PDF)