Committees Responsibilities
  • Monitor the functioning of Council, develop governance policies and ensure policies are followed.
  • Recruit members for Council & committees
  • Performance evaluation for Registrar
  • Resource for HR-related issues
  • Advise Council (budgets, internal controls, investments, staff compensation, etc.)
  • Meet with auditors to validate financial position of College
  • Assess applications for membership and establish requirements that applicants must meet to be entered on a register
Continuous Professional Development
  • Ensure that members registered to practise pharmacy maintain and improve skills and knowledge base
  • Annual audit of members’ education activities
  • Hear complaints submitted by public or members
Discipline & Fitness to Practice
  • Hear complaints forwarded by Complaints committee or Registrar
Professional Practice 
  • Serves as an advisory committee to Council on matters relating to pharmacy practice and to the profession.

If you are interested in participating in one of the committees listed, please contact the office of the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists at The majority of positions on our committees are filled by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, however some require representation from the public (i.e., Lay Representatives).