Introducing the Compliance Packaging Guideline – January 21

The new Compliance Packaging Guideline (the Guideline) recommended by the Professional Practice Committee and approved by Council:

  • Focuses on outcomes that support the provision of safe, quality compliance packaging.
  • Refers to existing requirements applicable to compliance packaging
  • Empowers professionals to practice with autonomy and accountability, searching out and considering methods that help their unique practice site in meeting the requirements. 

The use of compliance packaging may be beneficial to some but it is not suitable for all patients and does not overcome all barriers to optimal medication management. Compliance packaging also presents risks such as process, labelling, the packaging environment and staffing limitations. Evidence of these have previously been identified through pharmacy assessments and complaints to the College. 

The outcomes in the Guideline describe who is accountable as well as illustrates requirements and links to applicable existing legislation. There are five outcomes:

  1. A Quality Management Program is established for safe compliance packaging
  2. Patients/caregivers receive orientation & education and are invited to collaborate in their care
  3. Compliance packaging is provided in the context of the patient care process
  4. Dispense safe compliance packaging
  5. Document steps in the clinical and technical processes 

The College understands that with the introduction of new Guidance comes challenges for some pharmacies and questions on implementation. Potential questions and answers have been published in a FAQ document

The Guideline is now in force and can be accessed on the College website. Adherence will be measured through ongoing pharmacy site visits and monitoring of complaints.

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