About the College

New Brunswick College of Pharmacists

Our Mission: Governing the practice of pharmacy for a healthier New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Pharmaceutical Society was established by an Act of the Legislature of New Brunswick in 1884. This Act, which addresses the College’s role and responsibilities, was last updated in July, 2014 and included a name change to the current New Brunswick College of Pharmacists.

The College governs and regulates the practice of pharmacy in New Brunswick by establishing:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Qualifications for licensure
  • Standards of practice and requirements for
    • Members
    • Pharmacies
  • Continuous professional development requirements
  • Criteria for collaborative practice with other health care professionals

The New Brunswick College of Pharmacists is governed by a Council made up of a president, president-elect, past-president, elected representatives covering the province as well as representatives from schools of pharmacy education and lay representatives appointed by the Government of New Brunswick.

The College’s administrative office is located in Moncton.