To practice as a pharmacist in New Brunswick, an individual must be registered and licensed with the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists.


Apply online if you are:

  • Already licensed as a pharmacist, within Canada, outside of New Brunswick [Apply now]
  • Not yet licensed in Canada but have studied in Canada or the US (e.g., a new pharmacist graduate) [Apply now]

Practical Training

A requirement of registration as a pharmacist is to perform a total of 40 weeks of time service under the supervision of an approved preceptor [Regulations of the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists]

Time service consists of:

  • 20 weeks (or more) completed during degree program as rotations (proof is completion of degree)
  • Four weeks (minimum) post-graduation training using the Postgraduate Training Manual 
  • Remaining amount of weeks (minimum 16) – unstructured; completed either before or after graduation and documented with the College.

NOTE: An Apprenticeship Agreement is required for all time service and must be submitted to the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists before starting a time service period.

If work was in another province, the pharmacy regulatory authority in that province must submit a letter on the applicant’s behalf, confirming the completed time service in order for it to be considered for licensure in New Brunswick.


The first step for pharmacists who have obtained their pharmacy education outside of Canada or the US (IPG) is to register with Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada.

As one of Canada’s pharmacy regulatory authorities (PRAs), we have entrusted our national association, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), to develop a new, national approach to facilitate the licensure process for international pharmacist graduates (IPGs) and to eliminate duplication.

The Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada helps IPGs navigate the licensure process and facilitate their preparation for licensure in Canada.  The Gateway provides a website with key information online and through telephone support and features two self-assessment tools which assist IPGs to make an informed decision before starting the process to become licensed as a pharmacist in Canada.

Only once registered with Pharmacist Gateway Canada submit: Application for Registration as a pharmacist (IPG)


  • You must be registered with the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists to be permitted to work in a pharmacy to complete a postgraduate program (Residency, PharmD, etc.). [Apply now]


Annual Renewal

All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must apply annually for license renewal. The online form is accessible beginning November 1 and must be completed no later than November 30 each year to maintain licensure.

Continuous Professional Development

All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must engage in continuous professional development to maintain licensure and must attest to having done so during annual renewal. Read more

Pharmacists are highly trained, educated and trusted health-care professionals. New Brunswick pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of health care services. Pharmacists may:

 Current First Aid and CPR level “C” 

Valid certification in First Aid & CPR is a requirement of licensure in New Brunswick for all pharmacy professionals who provide patient care and for registered students who administer injections. *Minimum requirements [LINK] 

  • New applicants will be required to show proof of certification in order to register and license on a direct client care register.
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on a direct client care register must certify annually at license renewal that their First Aid & CPR certification in the required format is current and valid*.

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