Denosumab (Xgeva®) Administration by Community Pharmacists in Patients with Cancer – February 3

(This item was sent previously on January 10, 2022)

Katherine Simon is a pharmacy resident at The Moncton Hospital and is conducting a research project entitled, “Denosumab (Xgeva®) Administration by Community Pharmacists in Patients with Cancer.

As part of the project, a pre-recorded educational webinar was developed to review the clinical use of bone targeted agents (BTAs) in the oncology setting and introduce a proposed practice guideline and process map for denosumab (Xgeva®) safe administration, adverse event monitoring and management by pharmacists in collaboration with ambulatory oncology clinics.

Pharmacy professionals are invited to watch the video and complete a short survey to assist with gathering valuable information.

Please note the video and the survey were provided in English only.

For complete details of the project, please read here…

For complete College Update on February 3, click here {LINK}

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