Pharmacy Care Clinics pilot program launches in New Brunswick

29 September 2023

The New Brunswick College of Pharmacists, in collaboration with New Brunswick’s Department of Health, has launched a 12-month Pharmacist Care Clinic pilot program in which pharmacists will be permitted to assess and prescribe for certain medical conditions. This pilot program is part of the Department of Health’s commitment under the provincial health plan to improve access to primary care.

Patients will have access to a pharmacist within these pilot locations who have the authority to assess and prescribe for Group A Strep (strep throat), along with chronic disease management for diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, and cardiovascular disease.

The pilot locations include:

“The New Brunswick College of Pharmacists acts in the public interest and aims to align pharmacy practice with patient needs,” said College Registrar Anastasia Shiamptanis. “In partnership with the Department of Health, we have developed a pilot project that enables pharmacists to provide additional care.”

For further information on Pharmacist Care Clinics, consult the Government of New Brunswick website.

Those interested in seeking care at one of the clinics should contact the pharmacy directly.

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