Pharmacy Technician Student

Standard processing time for applications is 14 days from the date all parts of the application package are received by the College in the required format.

For applicants enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited pharmacy technician program

A minimum of 14 weeks of practical training in New Brunswick is required for licensure as a pharmacy technician to be served as follows:

  • a minimum of 8 weeks of structured practice experience as part of the accredited education program
  • a minimum of 6 weeks practice experience to be served in New Brunswick following graduation which shall include the Structured Practical Evaluation (SPE)

The following are the steps to register in New Brunswick:

  1. Register as a pharmacy technician student: Registration package – Pharmacy Technician Student [LINK]
  2. Submit your Apprenticeship Agreement [LINK]  after registration confirmation is received from the NB College of Pharmacists
  3. Review the Responsibilities of Preceptors and Students document [LINK]
  4. Receive acknowledgement from the NB College of Pharmacists that the Apprenticeship Agreement is approved
  5. Begin working on the training manual [LINK] (Structured Practical Evaluation (SPE) training manual)
  6. Submit required appendices from the completed training manual* to the NB College of Pharmacists
  7. Submit Evidence of Time Service [LINK]
  8. Register as a Pharmacy Technician [LINK]*For applicants who have studied in Canada and are not licensed to practise as a pharmacy technician in any jurisdiction.

NBCP Bursaries and Scholarship

We are pleased to offer the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists Bursary to deserving pharmacy technician students. The deadline to apply is March 31st.
Bursary information and application form [ LINK].

Registration Fees

New Brunswick College of Pharmacists Registration Fees [LINK]

Other Fees

  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada [LINK]
  • Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians Membership [LINK]