Areas of Practice

Always talk to your pharmacist first to find out what services are offered at your pharmacy.

Pharmacists are highly trained, educated and trusted health care professionals. New Brunswick pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of health care services. Pharmacists may:

According to Part XXI of the Regulations of the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists, prescribing by pharmacists may be categorized as:

  • (a) adapting a prescription;
  • (b) altering dose, formulation or regimen;
  • (c) renewing a prescription for continuity of care;
  • (d) continuing therapy without a prescription for a previously diagnosed condition;
  • (e) therapeutic substitution;
  • (f) prescribing non-prescription drugs, treatments and devices;
  • (g) prescribing in an emergency;
  • (h) collaborative practice;
  • (i) prescribing for minor ailments ( Listed in Appendix 2 of the Regulations )

Pharmacists must meet requirements in order to prescribe in certain circumstances. Requirements and details of the above list are further explained in Part XXI of the Regulations.