Pharmacists are highly trained, educated and trusted health care professionals. New Brunswick pharmacists are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of health care services. Pharmacists may :

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Continuing education requirement for annual license renewal
If, during the same year you received your degree,
  • you have completed your post-graduate training manual (4 weeks in length), and
  • became a licensed pharmacist,

you are deemed to have met the continuing education (CE) requirement for the renewal period (November 1, to November 30) for the coming year only.  (e.g., if graduation date is May, 2020, a pharmacist licence is obtained in 2020 then during the renewal process for the year 2021, you are deemed to have met the continuing education requirement).  Every year thereafter, please refer to the continuous professional development requirements [LINK]

Pharmacists who have obtained their pharmacy education outside of Canada (IPG)

As one of Canada’s pharmacy regulatory authorities (PRAs), we have entrusted our national association, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA), to develop a new, national approach to facilitate the licensure process for IPGs and to eliminate duplication.

The Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada – will now be the first point of access for applicants rather than the PRA. To help IPGs navigate the licensure process and facilitate their preparation for licensure in Canada, the Gateway provides a website with key information online and through telephone support and features two self-assessment tools which assist IPGs to make an informed decision before starting the process to become licensed as a pharmacist in Canada. For IPGs wishing to practise in Canada, the process of obtaining a licence begins with enrolment in the Gateway.

We believe the Gateway presents a simple, transparent and safe way to facilitate the pathway to licensure for IPGs wishing to live and work in Canada.

*Note: If you registered with the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) prior to August, 2014, you must apply directly with the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists and not through the Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada.