Pharmacy Technician

2015 marked the first time Pharmacy Technicians were registered in New Brunswick. Standardizing education, scope of practice, role definition and legal responsibility of regulated Pharmacy Technicians are important components of the growth process of the pharmacy profession and ensures the profession is practiced safely by qualified individuals.

The aspects of the practice of pharmacy that registered pharmacy technicians may perform is outlined in Regulation 20.6.

Only those individuals registered with the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists may use the titles Pharmacy Technician Student or Pharmacy Technician.


Apply online if you are:

  • Already licensed as a Pharmacy Technician within Canada [Apply now]
  • Not yet licensed in Canada but have studied in Canada or the US (e.g., a new graduate) [Apply now]

    According to NBCP Regulation 12.19(3), a requirement of registration as a Pharmacy Technician is to perform a minimum of 14 weeks of practical training under the supervision of a preceptor consisting of:

    • 8 weeks (minimum) in a structured practice experience program 
    • 6 weeks (minimum) post-graduation training in New Brunswick that is to include: 
    •      Successful completion of the Structured Practical Evaluation using (SPE) Manual
    •      An independent double check of 500 prescriptions with 100% accuracy

    NOTE : An Apprenticeship Agreement is required for all time service and must be submitted to the NBCP office before starting a time service period.

    If work was in another province, the pharmacy regulatory authority in that province must submit a letter on the applicant’s behalf confirming the completed time service in order for it to be considered for licensure in New Brunswick.

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Pharmacy Technicians administering injections:

In accordance with Regulations 22.3-22.5, Pharmacy Technicians on an active direct client care register who have successfully completed an approved training program (CCCEP-Stage II accreditation) may apply for a Technical Permit to Administer Injections.

Annual Renewal

All Pharmacy Technicians must apply annually for license renewal. The online form is accessible beginning November 1st and must be completed no later than November 30th each year to maintain licensure.

Continuous Professional Development

All Pharmacy Technicians must engage in continuous professional development to maintain licensure and must attest to having done so during annual renewal. Read more

Current Workplace Standard First Aid and CPR level “C” 

  • Registrants on an active direct client care register must hold current, valid first aid and CPR certification[i] that is equivalent to Red Cross Workplace Standard First Aid, CPR Level C. The required certification involves an in-person component.
  • New registrants will be required to show proof of certification in order to register and license on a direct client care register.
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians on a direct client care register must certify annually at license renewal that their First Aid & CPR certification in the required format is current and valid*.

* Pharmacy professionals have until mid-2024 to achieve this new level of certification that replaces the previous Red Cross Emergency Standard First Aid, CPR Level C requirement. Read more

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