Pharmacy Technician Student

Please refer to Regulations 12.19 to 12.20

An applicant for registration as a pharmacy technician student must be a student enrolled in, or a graduate of, a CCAPP or ACPE accredited pharmacy technician education program in Canada. 

For this application, you will need the following items to upload to your online form: 

  • Proof of identity (Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or holds a valid employment visa or valid Canadian work permit)
    • Must provide the College with an original notarized photocopy of a Canadian government issued photo ID (drivers license or passport) by mail or in person.
  • Canadian Criminal Record Check (dated within the last six (6) months)
    • Acceptable formats as follows:
      • Local police or RCMP office – original criminal record check document must be mailed or dropped off in person at the College office.
      • Online criminal record checks from (no original document needed). Once you receive your results, you can share them through the website to the College’s account (New Brunswick College of Pharmacists).
    • Confirmation of enrolment from your school
      • Please provide confirmation for the current term.
    • Proof of personal professional liability insurance as a Pharmacy Technician Student
      • Minimum amounts required for insurance:
        • $1 million per occurrence
        • $2 million annual aggregate 

Step 1)          Click on the following [link] to create a profile.

Step 2)          Complete the application form for Pharmacy Technician Student.

Step 3)          The original documents listed below must be sent to the College. Your application will only be processed once all documents are received in their correct format.

  • Notarized photocopy (original document) of your government issued photo ID
  • Criminal Record Check (original document)
    • If you have completed your criminal record check through, please share those results through your mybackcheck online account to the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists’ account. No original document is needed if you’ve completed your criminal record check through this channel.

For applicants enrolled in an accredited pharmacy technician program

The following are the steps to register in New Brunswick:

  1. Register as a pharmacy technician student: Registration – Pharmacy Technician Student 
  2. After receiving registration confirmation from the College, login to your online profile to submit your Apprenticeship Agreement. 
  3. Review the Responsibilities of Preceptors and Students 
  4. Receive acknowledgement from the College that the Apprenticeship Agreement is approved.
  5. Begin working on the Structured Practical Evaluation training manual (SPE).
  6. Submit required appendices from the completed training manual* to the College.
  7. Login to your online profile to submit your Evidence of Time Service form.
  8. Register as a Pharmacy Technician: Registration – Pharmacy Technician* For applicants who have studied in Canada and are not licensed to practice as a pharmacy technician in any jurisdiction (e.g., new graduate)

Standard processing time for applications is 14 days from the date all parts of the application package are received by the College in the required format.

Practical Training

All applicants must be registered with the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists (the College) as a pharmacy technician student before completing the required training as described below. No time service shall be completed in the province of New Brunswick without being registered with the College.

  • A minimum of 14 weeks of practical training in New Brunswick is required for licensure as a pharmacy technician to be served as follows:
    • a minimum of 8 weeks of structured practice experience as part of the accredited education program.
    • a minimum of 6 weeks practice experience to be served in New Brunswick following graduation, which shall include the Structured Practical Evaluation (SPE).

Apprenticeship Agreement 

After registration has been confirmed, an Apprenticeship Agreement must be submitted and approved by the NBCP before students begin a block of time service with an approved preceptor.   
Login to your online profile to Submit an Apprenticeship Agreement.

Preceptor qualifications are stipulated in Section 12.23 of the Regulations. Preceptors and students must read the Responsibilities of the Student and Preceptor document.

The student is responsible for submitting the required information to the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists. It is not the responsibility of the preceptor.

Evidence of Time Service 

Evidence of time service must be submitted to the NB College of Pharmacists no later than two weeks following the completion of any time service period.
Login to your online profile to submit an Evidence of Time Service form.

*NOTE : If work was in another province, the pharmacy regulatory authority in that province must submit a letter on your behalf, confirming the completed time service in order for it to be considered for licensure in New Brunswick. Please contact the College if you have any questions about the registration process, or require additional information.

Current First Aid and CPR level “C” 

  • Valid certification in First Aid & CPR is a requirement of licensure in New Brunswick for all pharmacy professionals who provide patient care and for registered students who administer injections. *Minimum requirements [LINK
  • New applicants will be required to show proof of certification in order to register and license on a direct client care register.
  • Pharmacy technicians on a direct client care register must certify annually at license renewal that their First Aid & CPR certification, in the required format, is current and valid.

NBCP Bursaries and Scholarship

We are pleased to offer the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists Bursary to deserving pharmacy technician students. The deadline to apply is March 31.

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