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First Aid/ CPR certification

Updated – August 2021

Changes to First Aid/CPR certification

Council reviewed the requirement[1] for First Aid and CPR certification for pharmacy professionals on an active direct client care register and passed a motion that enhances current certification requirements given practitioners’ expanding scope of practice and ever-increasing role in the administration of drugs.

Pharmacy professionals on an active direct client care register must hold current, valid certification that is equivalent to Red Cross Workplace Standard First Aid, CPR Level C (and no longer the Red Cross Emergency Standard First Aid, CPR Level C).  This brings the minimum requirement in New Brunswick in line with what is set out in the Model Standards of Practice for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.   As has always been the case, the required certification involves an in-person component.

New applicants will be required to meet the new certification in order to register and license on a direct client care register, however if already licensed in New Brunswick, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are not expected to undertake early retraining.  It is expected however, that certification equivalent to the Red Cross Workplace Standard First Aid, CPR Level C is achieved by the second quarter of 2024.  Maintaining this new requirement provides the public with reassurances of care in the event of a serious health event while in the care of a pharmacy professional.

[1] As per Regulation 12.1 (f) (iii) of the Regulations to the Pharmacy Act

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